Joe Jack et John

2018, en cours

Chargée de développement de projets internationaux.

Joe Jack and John is a theatre company that produces original multidisciplinary shows combining video, dance, spoken word, and bilingualism. Its artistic approach is deeply humanistic and inclusive; its creations represent a social microcosm by integrating professional actors with an intellectual disability or from diverse cultural backgrounds.

JJJ favours devised creation for projects focusing on current social issues. The uniqueness of its casting is as much about aesthetic research as it is about promoting human encounters: JJ aims to make heard the voices rarely listened to; to encourage reflection on contemporary issues, including those of inclusion; and to move the social conversation forward through art.

Théâtre Carte Blanche


CONSTITUONS! : mettre en scène la démocratie

Chargée de projet pour CONSTITUONS ! par Christian Lapointe.

Director and UQAM professor Christian Lapointe of Carte Blanche theatre company and Institut du Nouveau Monde (INM) are pleased to announce CONSTITUONS!, a unique new theatre project that invites Quebecers to join a citizen-led constituent assembly with a tall order: drafting a constitution for Quebec. The initiative is designed to move this historically fraught political challenge into a non-partisan arena.

Pôles magnétiques is coordinating the project which involces, in addition to Carte blanche and INM, ten theaters coproducers from everywhere in the province of Québec.

Conseil québécois de la musique


Overview of Musical Residencies in Quebec

Pôles Magnétiques is conducting a study for the Conseil Québécois de la Musique on residencies for musicians in the province of Quebec. The study includes two case studies focusing on arts outreach and audience development activities in the artistic residency context. The results will be presented at the Grand Rendez-Vous de la Musique in June 2019.

Tim Brady

2018, en cours

Chargée de développement de projets internationaux.

Known for his radiant orchestrations, his dramatic structures and his innovative guitar work, Canadian Tim Brady is a composer and guitarist who has created music in a wide range of genres ranging from chamber and orchestral music to electroacoustic works, chamber opera, contemporary dance scores, jazz and free improvisation.

Le Fils d’Adrien danse

2018, en cours

Chargée de développement de projets internationaux.

Since its foundation, le Fils d’Adrien Danse has produced numerous shows in three specific sectors : general audience, youth and site-specific. Harold Rhéaume’s choreographic vision opened to human and artistic encounters has permitted the company to bond in new collaborations between performers, musicians, scenographers, stage directors, video artists, lighting technicians and costume designers who contributed significantly in the development of his productions aesthetic signature.


Mexico, september 2018
Montréal, december 2017

Issues and strategies for international touring

The training seminar given by Esther Charron offers new agents the necessary skill set to make the leap to international touring circuits while also giving established professionals an opportunity to enhance their practices in changing global arts markets. It helps the participants to hone their marketing skills and adapt them to the realities of foreign markets. For the past two decades, this unique program, offered in many cities around the world, enabled more than 200 agents and artistic company representatives in the field of theatre, dance, music, circus, and multidisciplinary arts to organize tours across the globe.

Comité permanent des affaires étrangères et du commerce international du Sénat du Canada

Juin 2018

Étude sur l’impact de la culture et des arts canadiens sur la politique étrangère et la diplomatie du Canada ainsi que leur utilisation dans ces domaines – Experte invitée à témoigner.

Théâtre Humain

Tournée en France, printemps 2018
Tournée au Québec, automne 2017
Tournée au Québec et 15 représentation à l’Espace Go (Montréal), automne 2016
21 représentations au Théâtre du Trident (Québec), mars 2015
Tournée en Acadie (Moncton et Caraquet), octobre 2014

Pianiste et collaboratrice artistique pour Norge de Kevin McCoy, une co-production avec le Théâtre du Trident.

Bernard Émond, réalisateur

Février 2018

Pianiste pour la trame sonore de Pour vivre ici.

Service de la culture de la Ville de Québec

Juillet 2017

Animation d’un panel au 2e Rendez-vous du Réseau des villes francophones et francophiles d’Amérique.

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