Esther Charron and Bernard Gilbert met in 2000 while they were both part of the production team of Quebec–New York 2001 (a large-scale, statewide cultural season commissioned by the Government of Quebec for New York state). It was clear from the beginning: they would stick together from that point on. Both artists – him, a writer, her, a musician – and cultural administrators, they shared a love for travel, nature and life. They decided to launch out together to follow their dreams.

Combining their strengths and experiences in the domain, they founded Pôles Magnétiques, Art et Culture in 2006. Specializing in the performing arts, the organization offers training, event planning, and consulting services in management/production.

Working both as a team and individually, they have carried out an impressively diverse number of projects over the years: a site study for the City of Quebec; a feasibility study for the Maison de la Littérature; the direction of Espace 400è; hosting an International Network for the Performing Arts (IETM) plenary meeting in Montreal; production direction for Ex Machina’s operas; tour development for Joe Jack and John, Le Fils d’Adrien Danse, Tim Brady, and Théâtre Humain; organization of the ISPA Academy in Montreal, etc…

The founders have served in positions on a number of organizations’ boards including Québec Art Cité, Danse K par K, Premier Acte, Musique de Chambre à Ste-Pétronille, Centre Québécois du P.E.N. International, IETM, and Machine de Cirque. In addition, they both continue to pursue their artistic careers. Bernard Gilbert has published ten books, including three novels. Esther has been performing as a pianist in Norge, a production of Théâtre Humain that’s had more than 50 performances in Quebec, Canada and France.

Less active within Pôles Magnétiques since taking on the role of director for the Maison de la Littérature and now the Diamant, Bernard Gilbert assists Esther Charron on certain projects as a senior consultant.


Openness and Curiosity
Because everything starts here. Because we know that it’s essential to always keep learning. Because the joy that accompanies discovery keeps us going. Because each client is unique and merits our full attention.

Audacity and Innovation
Because every project is always fueled by a healthy dose of courage. Because the world never ceases to change, and our clients ARE creativity and the future!

Integrity and Respect
Because without these, we can’t be there.

Fervour and Determination
Because with enough guts, we can overcome most roadblocks and take on the most exciting challenges!

Satisfaction of a Job Well Done
Because we’re motivated by the knowledge that we’ve done solid work and that our clients deserve nothing less!


Pôles Magnétiques works to develop the artistic and cultural milieu – both within Quebec province and throughout the world – by offering artists and organizations committed support in their work through coaching, training and strategic-planning services.